Our Story

Food is to be enjoyed

We offer delicious and

traditional meals

Our Evolution

Dubai House is the first Emirati restaurant to open overseas. Its establishment in the wonderful city of Cairo owes to the success of its mother-company, Arabian Tea House in Dubai. The vision for establishing Dubai House is to preserve the cultural identity of the Arabs with an inspiration from the Emirati household inherited recipes.

Recommended Menu

Dubai House Liver Breakfast

Fresh beef liver fried with, potato, tomato with Emirati spices and lemon juice served with Arabic salad, Hummus served with tanoor bread.

Emirati Breakfast Tray

Balaleet (vermicelli cooked with cardamom,cinnamon, topped with omelette), dates molasses,
cheddar cheese, melted cheese,jam, dango, bajella that comes withtraditional bread (khameer, chebab and tanoor) served with tea or coffee.

Saloona Deyay

Fresh Chicken cooked in traditional way with tomato, cilantro, onion, lentils, Emirati spices
served with Arabic salad and white rice.

Emirati kebab Laham (Barbeque)

Fresh Minced meat marinated in traditional style grilled in charcoal served with yogurt, Arabic
salad and white rice or French fries

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    Our Restaurant

    Dubai House is a hidden gem with a spacious open area that allows you enjoy your tasty meals while your children play in a beautiful green garden. The cozy ambience of the restaurant makes it an amazing place for everyone to relax during the day.
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    Our Kitchen

    By offering several authentic Emirati dishes to Arab food lovers, we bring the Gulf cuisine right to the face of our customers. Our menu is simple and it portrays a truly authentic infusion of the inherited recipes from the Emirati household. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or private celebration, we are able to beat your imagination.
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    Our Team

    Our team is our core asset. Every member of the team is highly professional with extensive years of experience in the hospitality sector. As guests, you would enjoy being catered for by people who have passion for the job.
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    Opening Hours

    Our doors are open for business everyday from 8AM - 1:00AM. On special days and occasions, our timings may differ. You can follow our Google profile to see the updated time of operation, in such cases.
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    Where You Will Find Us

    We are located at 4 El-Thawra St, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11341, Egypt